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I am so glad I finally have a place to ask this question. I read an article about Bonajuto in Sicily a while ago and from their website (only in Italian and French now) they seem to have a pretty lengthy history of making sweets which they are reviving with single origin chocolate bars. There is a product I'll link to below that I'm especially interested in. I think it's a cinnamon chocolate. Anyone know anything about it?

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Antica Dolceria Bonajuto was founded in 1880 making it one of the older Italian chocolate companies (remember, Italy as a united country didn't exist until the mid-1800s). Since their founding they have always made product according to centuries-old recipes.

The bar you are referring to, the Cinammon (cannella) and Vanilla (vaniglia) is one that I have actually tasted. ADB bars have been available off and on at gourmet stores in Manhattan for the past couple of years - I got mine at Dean and Deluca in SoHo.

This bar is dry, gritty, and grainy. It hearkens back to pre-Industrial Revolution chocolates that all had this texture because there was no way, with only human strength, to grind the cocoa beans and the sugar fine enough so that the individual particles could not be tasted and felt on the tongue. It's definitely an acquired taste - something that you'd buy once to try but maybe not something you'd buy often.

It's definitely worth trying at least once, though, and there are other brands, also Sicilian, that are made in the same style.

Has anyone else tasted one of these bars and maybe have source to buy them?
Thank you, Clay. I am really happy to hear such a detailed description of it. I am up for anything less sophisticated tasting. I think I'll love it. How's Bonajuto keeping up in quality?
Have heard of these also, and have been curious. Antica Bonajuto bars are available through At the Meadow
I have also heard great things about the cardamom bar. Would like to know more about what the other brands of similar Sicilian chocolate are. This from the Meadow website:

"Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

The Bonajuto family of Sicily has been making great chocolate since 1827, but not the kind you’re accustomed to. Bonajuto is grainy and uneven in texture, magnificently complex in flavor. The family processes the cocoa at low temperatures, which accounts for the grainy texture and preserves the chocolate’s antioxidant properties. The preparation of this chocolate, typical of Modica in Sicily, is directly descended from Aztec Xocoatl. It was introduced to Europe by the Spanish in the XVI Century, who had learned the process from the marvelous Meso-American people.

Since 1880, the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto continues to make this chocolate with the same ingredients and methodology that was passed on from the ancient Aztec civilization. It was 1880 when Francisco Bonajuto, following the tracks of his father, opened his small confectionery bottega immersed in the wonderful baroque of Modica; from that one bottega they began to produce exquisite chocolate of Arabic origin and Spanish fruit of one secular tradition. It continued for years with passion and meticulousness activity in hopes to prevent the disappearance of the original art of chocolate. Today, Francisco would be satisfied knowing that the Dolceria Bonajuto is still where it was founded and still represents an important point of reference for the tradition and legacy to which he was so fond of."


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