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My Top Ten places to buy choc in NYC (but there are so many more...)

1- Jaques Torres Chocolate Haven- a temple of fine choc with factory on site
2- Michael Cluizel- stunning shop, delicious and fair priced
3- La Maison du Chocolat- a French classic that never goes out of style
4- Richart- like shopping at an art gallery
5- Scharffen Berger- adorable closet size shop, classy
6- Dean & Deluca- incredible selection, always a surprise in store
7- Payard - elegant yet very affordable pieces and pastries
8- Max Brenner Cafe- how to have FUN with chocolate!
9- Kee's- very unique, special, smallest shop ever
10- Vosges- gorgeous as well as delicious and daring

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Lovely list! Thanks for pointing it out.

Never heard of #4 and #7, mind providing more info? :)
Richart is quite an established french co., 20+ years old, they are well known for small square pieced with both exquisite and unusual flavors & artwork on them- really quite impressive! and expensive...but worth it. Their shops look so much like art galleries thath many ppl dont realize they are choc shops! I think there are 2 in nYC, sorry dont have adress this moment...

Payard is a very beautiful cafe inside with dark mahogany type wood decor and a choc counter on one side, choc & coffee drinks on the other side and I think serves cafe food also. They have been shown on shows like Cashmere Mafia and cater to a ritzy crowd, upper east side, but their chocolates are surprisingly "affordable" compared to many others in NYC- i got quite a few for $10. they were really delicious too. Highly recommended.
Thanks so much! The both sound awesome! :)
It's fun to make lists. Here's my picks.

1. The Chocolate Room (Brooklyn)- 2nd best selection for bars and a nice cafe
2. The Chocolate Shop at the Food Emporium (68th and 3rd Ave.)- largest selection for bars in NYC(Amedei, Pralus, Felchlin, Domori, not bad)
3. Pierre Marcolini (UES)- only interested in the bars
4a. Jacque Torres (King St. and Hudson)- my favorite hot chocolate and favorite cafe. 4b.(Brooklyn) feels like Europe
5. Michel Cluizel(Union Sq)- Cluizel bars are great, also my favorite place for Clay's meetups
6. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory- the chocolate fudge is sweet but great on ice cream
7. Kee's- my favorite fresh truffles
8.Grom (UWS)- named origin chocolate gelato, they also use Valrhona
9. Cocoa Bar (Brooklyn)- I love the atmosphere and the patio out back.
10. Christopher Norman- for the feeling of being lost in the Financial District and finding these beautifully painted truffles
I have noticed quite a few choc shops with Brooklyn address- can u tell me for a visitor w/out a car, can i take the subway to brooklyn and walk to most of the choc shops easily? Is it a fairly compact area?

All the Brooklyn locations on my list are easy to get too without a car. Both the Chocolate Room(5th ave, two blocks from the 2,3 stop at Bergen St.) and the Cocoa Bar(7th Ave, same train stop) are in Park Slope. Get off the same train at Clark St. in Brooklyn Heights to go to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and Jacque Torres. It's a little further walk than the Park Slope places but a fun neighborhood(Dumbo) to explore if you haven't been there. The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is right under the Brooklyn Bridge in a little white house and J. Torres is a couple blocks away. If you like Pizza, Grimaldi's is my favorite and it's right up the block.


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